Workshop – Practical Proofreading and Editing – 14 June 2017

(PGT) Practical Proofreading and Editing

  • Wednesday 14th June 2017 @ 19:00 – 12:30

This workshop is open to all postgraduate taught (PGT) students. students at UoE

A dissertation is a significant piece of academic writing and a major investment of time and effort. It is also the defining feature of a Master’s degree, so it is worth presenting it well.

This interactive session will introduce strategies to help you incorporate revising into your personal writing process.  It will highlight tricky things which tend to catch students out, suggest useful tools and offer tips to help you submit your best work.

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Workshop – Dissertation Planning and Writing – 1 June 2017

(PGT) Dissertation Planning & Writing

  • Thursday 1st June 2017 @ 09:30-12:30EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY

This workshop is for suitable for all taught postgraduate (PGT) students who are thinking about starting or have started their dissertation.

A dissertation is a key part of a masters programme. It’s a chance for you to plan and undertake a significant body of your own research. This can be a very rewarding experience, but can present many challenges: What exactly is a dissertation and what does it look like? Where do I start? When do I stop? How do I do it?

This interactive workshop will focus on practical strategies for successfully completing your dissertation; from emphasizing the importance of good planning to actually getting started with writing. Themes of the workshop include:

  • Effective planning
  • Thinking about the examiner’s point of view
  • Critical reading and analysis of sources, and writing
  • Effective writing

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Workshop – Writing Bootcamp for Taught Postgraduate Students – 22nd and 27th June 2017

(PGT) Writing Bootcamp for Taught Postgraduate Students

  • Thursday 22nd June and Tuesday 27th June @ 09:00-17:00
  • Please note: You can only book onto Day 1 of the Writing Bootcamp (22/6/17). Once you have confirmed your place, we will book you onto Day 2 of the Writing Bootcamp by the 15th June 2017.

Are you a taught postgraduate student working on your dissertation? Or trying to write a publication?  Would you like an opportunity to be able to learn some writing techniques, and have space to practise them?students studying

The Writing Bootcamp will give you a time and place for you to write without the distractions of emails, Facebook, Twitter and everyday life. There will be over 8 hours of writing time across the two days of the Writing Bootcamp. Each day will be split into half-day sessions and begin with a short Bitesize workshop, discussing tips and techniques. These will be followed by writing blocks where you will be writing based on your preparation. There will also be time between day 1 and day 2 to work your writing project. Participants will be sent the schedule and preparation instructions in advance of the Writing Bootcamp.


Between writing blocks there will be short breaks and refreshments available. There will be an hour break for lunch, but please note that lunch will not be provided (there are several cafes and shops nearby, or feel free to bring your own).

Thinking of coming along? Here is what you need to know.

  • There will be over 8 hours of writing, split into 10 blocks over the two days.
  • You will get most out of the time by doing the preparatory work, following the instructions in the “Information for Participants”.
  • If you wish to write using a laptop, please bring your own with you. There will be plenty of power sockets.

By the end of the Writing Bootcamp we will have discussed and practised some writing strategies, considered the key aspects of the writing process (including proof-reading and editing), and have a personalised writing plan to take your writing forward, and, most importantly, done some writing!

Places are limited please only book a place if you are able to attend both days, 22nd and 27th June, in full.

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Workshop – Critical! (Reading, Writing, Thinking) – 24th May 2017

(PGT) Critical (Reading,Writing,Thinking)

  • Wednesday 24th May 2017 @ 09:30-12:30

‘Critical’ is a word that is frequently used in academic discourse. Students are advised to think, read and write ‘critically’. But what does ‘critical’ actually mean in anEDINBURGH UNIVERSITY

academic context? In this workshop we identify qualities that are core to a critical engagement with academic work, and we explore through examples how you can apply critical values to your reading, writing and academic practice.

You will be required to bring along a printed copy of a short academic article that is relevant to your research interests.

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Workshop – Effective Writing: Grammar – 22 May 2017

(PGT) Effective Writing: Grammar

  • Monday 22nd May 2017 @ 09:30-12:3022

This course aims to show how a well-crafted sentence is put together and to give an understanding of the underlying grammatical rules.

No prior knowledge of grammar is required.

We will be dealing with such problems as tense, sentence length, sentence structure, joining sentences and punctuation, with a view to producing clear, unambiguous and readable academic writing.

This course will not cover writing for specific purposes, such as these, dissertations or abstracts.

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Workshop – The Writing Process: Getting Started – 17 May 2017

(PGT) The Writing Process: Getting Started

  • Wednesday 17th May 2017 @ 09:30-12:30istock_000014760316xsmall

For many students, starting to write is one of the most challenging aspects of doing a dissertation. How do you know whether you are ready to write? How do you overcome the sense of paralysis or overwhelm that often accompanies the early stages of the writing process? This workshop provides tools and tips for how to get started; for generating, focusing, targeting and structuring material; and for developing a first draft. All of these will be put into practice through the development of a short text.


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Workshop – Learn with – 18 April 2017

(PGT) Learn with (Online library of video courses)

  • Tuesday 18th April @ 10:00-11:30
lyndaThe University of Edinburgh provides all staff and students with access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest technology, digital, creative, and business skills through high-quality instructional videos.
Find out how you can learn and teach with and
•Search for courses
•Create and share playlists
•Choose a career path
•Use playlist centre
•Share your certificates of achievement
This informal workshop will involve a presentation about, a demonstration on how to use it effectively and time to explore the online content and create your own playlist.
Open to all Postgraduate Taught Students.

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Workshop – Critical Thinking and the Art of Asking Questions – 26 April 2017

(PGT) Critical Thinking and the Art of Asking Questions

  • Wednesday 26th April 2017 @ 13:30-16:30Top view of young students in library

Jonas Salk, the scientist whose team discovered one of the first successful polio vaccines, once said: “What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question.”

This advanced questioning skills masterclass will teach students a new approach to enquiry and critical thinking.

The method emphasises humility, finely tuned listening, empathy, and Eastern and Western perspectives on mindfulness. The format features short video clips of interviews conducted by today’s top TV reporters and hosts in the US, UK and Canada to reinforce principles and techniques.

Throughout the session, students will work in small groups on a short exercise and a case study designed to apply what they’ve learned to research pursuits. Students will learn the Seven Deadly Sins of Asking Questions, the principles of great questions, the fundamentals of developing a research/dissertation question, and the techniques to develop a compelling question path, including leading someone into the moment of the topic and discovering and exploring “change points”.

Students will emerge from the workshop with enhanced questioning skills and a new level of critical thinking.

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Workshop- Influencing Skills and Leading -17th March 2017


(PGT) Influencing Skills and Leading

  • Friday 17th March 2017 @ 13:30-16:30

As our careers grow and develop we can often find ourselves in positions where we have a great deal of responsibility and perhaps not too much authority.   This is where our ability to Lead and Influence becomes paramount.

These elements come naturally to some, but they are just rules in a game that can be learned and assertively applied.

This session will focus on building an understanding of how to effectively influence people around us.   We’ll also consider a few basic elements of how to lead in an authentic way – and not simply rely on a badge that says ‘in charge’.

This will be achieved through a blend of situation-based discussion, tutor input, paired work and real-life problem solving.

By the end of the session, participants will

  • Have built a toolkit of influence skills and techniques.
  • Understand how to assertively influence with confidence.

Established some rules and tools for leading, influencing and dealing with challenging individuals.

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Online Workshop -Decision Making in Practice – 2 Parts – 28 February and 3rd March 2017

(PGT – Online) Decision Making in Practice – Part 1 and Part 2

  • (Part 1) Tuesday 28th February 2017 @ 19:00-20:00 (UK Time)
  • (Part 2) Friday 3rd March 2017 @ 19:00-20:00 (UK Time)

This is a two-part workshop with sessions. Please only book a place if you are able to attend both sessions.

We all make decisions every day. However, that doesn’t mean we all find it easy.  Indeed, the ability to make good decisions may make the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life.  What influences our decision making?  What is a good decision?


How can we arrive at the best possible decision?   How do we think about risk? During these two online sessions we will address these questions, using a mixture of short interactive lectures interspersed with activities, including one that you will do offline between the sessions, that will allow you to discover what kind of decision-maker you are, and to put your decision making into practice.

After the workshop each participant will:

  • understand the factors—economic, psychological and social—that influence your own decision making and that of others
  • be able to define an important decision and an effective decision
  • be able to use these insights to make more effective personal decisions
  • be able to understand the decisions of others and how you may influence them
  • appreciate how individuals think and decide about risk.

This session will take place via blackboard collaborate (virtual classroom). Booking is required in order to receive the workshop link and further information about how to join the session.

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