What we do

Our aim is to help students and staff succeed in their current roles and in their future careers. We do this by providing University-level support for teaching, learning and researcher development.

Our remit includes:

  • continuing professional development and practice sharing in teaching, learning and supervision
  • student learning development
  • professional and transferable skills development
  • support for curriculum, programme and assessment design and development

Who we support

We provide support directly to:

  • registered undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • staff in research-only roles, Principal Investigators and research managers
  • academic staff and others with learning and teaching roles, including lecturers, course organisers, tutors and demonstrators, academic support staff and learning technologists.

Our website outlines the range of events, courses and resources we offer, which are tailored to the differing requirements of these different audiences.

We also work collaboratively with support services, Schools, Colleges and others on a range of projects and initiatives. Topics and themes are identified and prioritised through discussions with College and University committees and our Institute Advisory Group.

IAD purple logoRelated Links

Institute for Academic Development – www.ed.ac.uk/iad


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