Workshop – Critical Thinking and the Art of Asking Questions – 26 April 2017

(PGT) Critical Thinking and the Art of Asking Questions

  • Wednesday 26th April 2017 @ 13:30-16:30Top view of young students in library

Jonas Salk, the scientist whose team discovered one of the first successful polio vaccines, once said: “What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question.”

This advanced questioning skills masterclass will teach students a new approach to enquiry and critical thinking.

The method emphasises humility, finely tuned listening, empathy, and Eastern and Western perspectives on mindfulness. The format features short video clips of interviews conducted by today’s top TV reporters and hosts in the US, UK and Canada to reinforce principles and techniques.

Throughout the session, students will work in small groups on a short exercise and a case study designed to apply what they’ve learned to research pursuits. Students will learn the Seven Deadly Sins of Asking Questions, the principles of great questions, the fundamentals of developing a research/dissertation question, and the techniques to develop a compelling question path, including leading someone into the moment of the topic and discovering and exploring “change points”.

Students will emerge from the workshop with enhanced questioning skills and a new level of critical thinking.

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