Workshop- Influencing Skills and Leading -17th March 2017


(PGT) Influencing Skills and Leading

  • Friday 17th March 2017 @ 13:30-16:30

As our careers grow and develop we can often find ourselves in positions where we have a great deal of responsibility and perhaps not too much authority.   This is where our ability to Lead and Influence becomes paramount.

These elements come naturally to some, but they are just rules in a game that can be learned and assertively applied.

This session will focus on building an understanding of how to effectively influence people around us.   We’ll also consider a few basic elements of how to lead in an authentic way – and not simply rely on a badge that says ‘in charge’.

This will be achieved through a blend of situation-based discussion, tutor input, paired work and real-life problem solving.

By the end of the session, participants will

  • Have built a toolkit of influence skills and techniques.
  • Understand how to assertively influence with confidence.

Established some rules and tools for leading, influencing and dealing with challenging individuals.

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