Workshop -(PGT) Critical Reading, Essay Planning and Writing – 16 February 2017

(PGT) Critical Reading, Essay Planning and Writing

  • Thursday 16th February 2017 @ 13:30 – 16:30

Being a masters student is challenging, not just because of the level you will be learning at but also the amount of work (e.g. r22eading and writing) you’ll be expected to do, and all the while being ‘critical’. With so much to do, using effective strategies will help you to manage the different demands of your masters.

This workshop will focus on practical strategies for masters-level effective reading and writing, and developing your critical thinking during these. Participants will be able to practice some strategies in short exercises during the workshop.

This is an interactive workshop and discussions and questions by participants are warmly encouraged.

This workshop does not include

  • Subject or discipline-specific advice
  • English Language advice

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