Workshop-Developing Your Research Question

(PGT) Developing Your Research Question

  • Wednesday 15th February 2017 @ 09:30-12:30book

Research is about answering questions. These may arise in our day-to-day work, our studies or unexpectedly, apparently out of the blue. But, there is a difference between an idle thought and a meaningful research question. This workshop is about this difference and takes participants through those important first steps in the research process, helping them develop their own research questions and to begin thinking like a researcher.

After the workshop each participant will:

  •  be familiar with the history of the research process
  • understand the range of different types of questions and be able to identify those that may be defined as research questions
  • be familiar with examples of good and bad research questions
  • understand the importance of an hypothesis
  • have a working strategy for developing their own research question.

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