EUSA Peer Proofreading Scheme – Open for submissions now – Closing date 2nd December 2016


The Peer Proofreading Scheme is currently OPEN for submissions.

Please note, the final date for submissions in Semester 1 is Friday 2nd December. You can submit work up until 5pm on this date. After this date the Peer Proofreading Scheme will be closed until January 2017.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • To increase access to trustworthy proofreading services on campus
  • To reduce dependency upon proofreading services among users of the scheme by training them to spot basic grammar and spelling errors
  • To enhance the sense of community among students at the university through peer support
  • To provide student volunteers with a rewarding volunteering opportunity, developing their transferable skills and experience

If you have any questions, feel free to email EUSA at

Students who are formally assessed as having dyslexia may be entitled to more comprehensive proofreading support, provided by the Student Disability Service.


Please be aware that some courses, especially from the English Language Teaching Centre, are not eligible for proofreading. If the quality of English is specifically being assessed you should not use the scheme. If in doubt, ask your course organiser or tutor.

  • We can only accept assignments from non-native English speakers.
  • Students should submit assignments at least seven days before their deadline. If you submit your assignment after 5pm, we will not receive it until the next working day- please bear this in mind when calculating seven days: work submitted at the weekend will NOT be received until the following Monday.
  • Assignments submitted should be no longer than 3000 words.
  • Students may submit no more than two assignments per semester.
  • Students must provide a valid University of Edinburgh email address.
  • Please remove any graphics from your work; work which is too large cannot be processed by our system.
  • We are unable to read resumes, CVs, applications for job, applications for programmes of study: the scheme is for academic coursework only.

For further information about submitting your work and how peer proofreading works please click on the following link:

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