Workshop: Project Management – 30 March 2016


  • Wednesday 30 March 2016 at 13:30-16:30

A successful research project does not solely depend on an important research question and a well-designed protocol, but also on the efficient execution of the project. Many research projects fail to complete on time and on budget and some struggle even to get off the ground. In this half-day workshop we will apply the principles of project management to clinical research and show how by applying some simple tools and techniques we can solve many of the common problems we face and avoid others altogether. The workshop will consist of a series of short, interactive lectures, interspersed with practical exercises.

After the workshop each participant will:

  • be able to define the different component parts of a research project
  • understand the common challenges that arise when managing a research project
  • be familiar with project management tools and techniques
  • be able to put these into practice
  • understand how to avoid the commonest problems that arise in management of research

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