Workshop: Effective Slide Design – 27th October 2015

HeeHaw/Edinburgh Uni/05.02.08

(PGT – Online) Effective Slide Design

  • Tuesday 27th October 2015 at 19:00 – 20:00

Most of us use slides in our presentations, whether these are for short departmental meetings or major presentations at international conferences.  However, one of the commonest features of all presentations is poor slide design.  Our slides are visual aids to help our audience understand and follow what we are saying.  Unfortunately, the slides presenters use are often overcrowded, difficult to see and badly designed.   As visual aids they fail both visually and as aids for the audience.

Using lots of examples, the session facilitator, Allan Gaw, will introduce participants to the acronym SWIPE and show how its component parts can be used to help us design clean, simple slides that will serve us best as great visual aids.

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