Teaching Awards Are Now Open for Postgrads to Nominate

eusaThe 2015-16 EUSA Teaching Awards are now accepting summer nominations! Postgrads can nominate their research or dissertation supervisor(s), and all students taking summer courses can nominate their teachers, support staff, and courses. Summer nominations will be open until 31 August, and the Teaching Awards will re-launch in November.

EUSA’s Teaching Awards recognise the teachers, support staff, and courses that have an enormous positive impact on students’ learning experiences at Edinburgh University. Great teaching comes in many forms, but it can inspire and challenge you, and ensure that your academic experience at University is everything it should be.

There are seven categories. You can nominate as many individuals or courses (in as many categories) as you like.

As well as recognising the excellent work of your teachers, the Teaching Awards are a valuable way of getting your feedback on positive academic experiences to improve the quality of teaching at Edinburgh. Therefore, EUSA will share anonymously the comments from your nominations with the person you’re nominating and with University staff to highlight what you have identified as best practices in teaching and student support.

The shortlisted nominees for each category will be chosen by a student panel based on the supporting statements you provide. Make sure you explain why you are submitting the nomination and why the person or course deserves the award! The Teaching Awards Ceremony will be held on Wednesday 20 April, 2016. If the person or course you nominated is shortlisted for an award, you will be invited to the ceremony.