Resources to Gear Up for Your Dissertation Writing

Now is the time when your starting to write your dissertation. Our workshops ‘Academic Writing’ and ‘Dissertation Writing and Planning’ can help you with techniques for writing your dissertation.

Academic Writing – 3rd June 2015
Academic writing is a key skill for masters study. Understanding the conventions and principles of academic writing can help you with your writing. This Academic Writing workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Using consistently a referencing style.
  • Importance of engaging critically with the material.
  • Importance of structuring the essay (intro, main part, conclusions).
  • Questions of style: using an academic register.
  • Plagiarism: What it is and how not to plagiarise.

Dissertation Writing and Planning – 16th June 2015
Planning and writing techniques can be a good way to get you started and keep you going through your dissertation. This workshop is designed to help you with dissertation planning and writing techniques. It should also provide an opportunity to think about and discuss:

  • Masters level examiners view – what do examiners want
  • Article analysis – how to improve your paper analysis skills
  • Critical reading of sources
  • Dissertation writing: big picture ideas such as the analysis of essay questions and planning
  • Practical advice for effective writing strategies

There will also be lots of opportunities to ask questions!

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