Writing Retreat for Taught Postgraduate Students

Are you a taught postgraduate student working on your dissertation? Or trying to write for publication?  Would you like an opportunity to be able to learn some writing techniques, and have space to practise them?

The aim of a ‘writing retreat’ is to facilitate a time and place for you to write without the distractions of emails, Facebook, twitter and everyday life.

Each session will begin with a short Bitesize style workshop to offer advice on writing techniques, and motivate you to write. Following this you will have a 2 ½ hour writing session. No distractions, just writing.

Thinking of coming along? Here is what you need to know.

  • There will be four writing sessions over two days
  • You will get most out of the time by attending all four sessions, however you can sign up to attend any combination of the sessions which suits your needs.
  • If you wish to write using a laptop, please bring your own with you. There will be plenty of power sockets.  If you don’t have a laptop let us know, we will have a small number available.

Between the morning and afternoon sessions on both days, there will be a short lunch break, please note lunch is not provided.

  • Monday  Bitesize Session 1: Writing Strategies
  • Monday  Bitesize Session 2: Beating Writer’s Block
  • Thursday Bitesize Session 1: Structuring Your Writing
  • Thursday Bitesize Session 2: Being Your own Editor

To find out more and to book a place, please follow the link below:
IAD Postgraduate Workshops: http://edin.ac/16I4vjZ