EUSA Peer Proofreading Scheme

EUSA proofreading

EUSA developed the Peer Proofreading Scheme in recognition of the demand among non-native English speaking students for help in proofreading assignments.  The Scheme is powered by reliable student volunteers, who proofread the work of fellow students.

The aims of the scheme are:

  • To increase access to trustworthy proofreading services on campus
  • To reduce dependency upon proofreading services among users of the scheme by training them to spot basic grammar and spelling errors
  • To enhance the sense of community among students at the university through peer support
  • To provide student volunteers with a rewarding volunteering opportunity, developing their transferable skills and experience


  • We can only accept assignments from non-native English speakers.
  • Students should submit assignments at least seven days before their deadline.
  • Assignments submitted should be no longer than 3000 words.
  • Students may submit no more than two assignments per semester.
  • Students must provide a valid University of Edinburgh email address.
  • Please remove any graphics from your work; work which is too large cannot be processed by our system.

Volunteer proofreaders comment only on the grammar, vocabulary, and general clarity of written English. They do not advise on subject matter or argumentation.

More Information can be found on the EUSA website