(PGT) Study skills: critical reading, essay planning and writing


This workshop is designed to introduce you to the postgraduate learning environment and provide an opportunity to think about postgraduate studies and other skills needed for essays. This session is interactive and provides lots of opportunities to ask questions and to be involved in discussions with your peers.

This workshop will cover:

  • Critical reading of sources
  • Essay writing: big picture ideas such as the analysis of essay questions and planning
  • Practical advice for effective writing

This event is open to all Taught Masters students at the University of Edinburgh. To find out more and to book a place, please click here.

Cancelling: If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at the earliest opportunity and at least 3 working days before the event.  Someone else may be able to take your place, but we need time to contact them. Also, although you are not charged for an event, there are costs we incur (eg photocopying) which relate directly to places reserved.