Innovative Learning Week 2014

green-tree-image-smaller-web-versionOptimists in this dark and rainy part of the world comfort themselves with the mantra ‘Spring is nearly here’ during January/February. But we in the University of Edinburgh have more than mere daffodils to look forward to; Innovative Learning Week, a week of creative, fun, challenging events and projects, is happening from 17 – 21 February. So what do we have in store for students and staff this year?

It’s not rocket science, but it is brain surgery

Ever wondered what neurosurgeons consider when faced with a serious head trauma? How do they decide which course of treatment? What factors do they need to weigh up? Well, during ILW2014 all staff and students at the University of Edinburgh will have the opportunity to find out with “Neuro Theatre: ‘live’ simulated brain surgery!”. (Monday 17 February)

He who draws, wins

After the overwhelming success of last year’s ‘Best in Show’ event, Edinburgh College of Art (helped by the Moray School of Education) are once again giving us all the chance to learn how to draw with ‘Strictly Come Drawing’. Come along and learn how to capture movement, colour, and the joy of dancing artistically. Beginners encouraged! (Monday 17 February)

Legal weapon

No, that isn’t a typo, that’s the title of one of the many exciting events put on by the School of Law this year for ILW2014. Working with ECA’s Film and Television department, participants will correct the bad Hollywood law in various famous court-room movies. The results will be screened by the Law School at the close of the week. Can you handle the truth?! (All week)

Life is a cabaret

What does Maths have to do with Magic, and Magic with Maths? Come along to the Maths and Magic Cabaret Night and learn the maths behind some of the best magic tricks you’ll ever see! All welcome, no maths brilliance required. (Tuesday 18 February)

Blame it on the buggy

Combining low‐carbon energy solutions with hands-on skills, the Hydrogen-Powered Buggy Building Workshop allows you to learn about, build and finally race your hydrogen-powered buggy around Bristo Square! (Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 February)

These events are open to both UG and PG students, as well as staff.  Get creative, and shape the way you learn.

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