Dissertations – Part 1

Most taught masters programmes include a substantive individual dissertation.Research paper

Dissertations are often based upon independent research but can take other forms (such as consultancy or work placement based). The specific requirements and format varies from programme to programme.

If completing a dissertation, it may help to think about potential topics sooner in your programme rather than later. Ensure the necessary skills you need to succeed are developed throughout the programme.

Knowing what’s expected

The dissertation period can be extremely stressful, therefore it is important you develop the necessary level of scholarly practice throughout your programme of study.

Seek and use feedback as much as possible from earlier written assignments, to ensure academic writing, research, information handling and critical thinking skills are at the right level.

Clarify with your dissertation supervisor the standards expected of you, how the dissertation should be presented, and ensure you understand how your supervision relationship will work, and when your supervisor is available to help you.

Useful Resources