Desert Island Book Project

Desert IslandYou’re stranded on a tropical desert island. You’ve no Wilson, you’ve no Swiss Family Robinson, Kiera Knightley has long gone. You’re all alone. Now, what one book would alleviate your loneliness and suffering? What one book would you choose to have in your possession? This book is your desert island book.

This year for Innovative Learning Week, the Centre of Research and Collections at the Main Library will be asking you to pick your book. They’ll be displaying some of the selections in the Main Library during ILW, but we want to hear from staff, students, alumni and recent graduates with their own choices. These will be added to the University-wide blog on the subject! This means that you can participate no matter where you’re based.

The more entries the better. We want to end up with a big blog featuring the University of Edinburgh’s desert island books, so spread the word.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please send 50-100 words about why you’ve made your choice to ilw[at] Please include your job title / (former) course of study, as these will be posted alongside your book.

Neat idea isn’t it? Take a few minutes to think and get involved!

For more information on what’s happening during Innovative Learning Week, please see the website, or Tweet @innovlearning #ILW2013