Innovation Stations: The cure to the January blues?

It’s January. It’s cold, grey, and ‘mizzling’ constantly. The only things still reminding you of Christmas are your too-tight waistband, and your too-low bank balance.wordle

My top tip for fighting the January blues? Thinking forward to February.

It may sound crazy, given that statistically Scotland experiences only very slightly less rain in February than it does in January. Similarly, the sceptics out there will despair at a month dedicated to a holiday that was not only invented by greeting card companies, but that seems to cover the world in tacky heart-shaped confetti. Nonetheless, February is where I’m seeking out my injection of fun, because from 18-22 February, Innovative Learning Week is coming to town.

ILW means many things, to many different people. Like the great David Bowie, it has many faces, facets and fonts. This year, across the University of Edinburgh, staff and students are collaborating to put on a week of inventive, challenging and, well, innovative events.

Worried about where your degree is taking you? Whether your degree is taking you anywhere? Don’t fret – the University of Edinburgh has assembled a crack team of employability experts. From recent graduates, and career gurus, to high-flying alumni, you’ll be hard-pressed not to succeed once we’ve finished with you. Keynote speakers will discuss their routes from the University of Edinburgh to head of MI5, from secondary school to best-selling novelist, from researcher to inventor.

studentThis year we’ll be making some events available online too! This means that you don’t need to be on-campus to hear from some of our amazing guest speakers, and you can listen to and participate in some of the student-led debates. These events are perfect for any ODL students, or students in Schools like Vet Sciences that can’t participate in ILW for scheduling reasons. There’ll also be a lot of activity on Twitter, @InnovLearning, #ILW2013.

I’m looking at ILW as an opportunity to get out of my desk-chair, to speak up and out, to get active and involved. What will you get out of it?

For more details please check our website,
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Alison Treacy, Employability Project Officer